Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Night In Casablanca

 I used to be a semi-big fan of the three stooges... until I found out about the marx brothers and I am hooked. These guys are hilarious in ever way possible. The characters are Chico (an italian character), Harpo (plays the harp and never speaks), and Groucho (known for his infamous moustache and cigar). 

These three characters make up A Night In Casablanca.   The plot takes place in Casablanca and after the hotel manager is murdered, a replacement is sent in (Groucho Marx). The villain wants to get rid of Groucho to be the manager himself and steal a valuable treasure hidden in the hotel by nazis. The problem is Harpo accidentally vacuumed his toupee and he can no longer go out in public, for they will recognize the scar on his head. Harpo then used gestures, whistles, and horns to try and tell Chico of the villains plan to murder Groucho.

These three are up to no good and this film is full of action, mystery, and humor, from beginning to end. Im sure you'll find yourself laughing the whole way through.

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