Tuesday, November 16, 2010


As I sat and pondered what I could possibly write my next blog about, it hit me that I hadn't written one about Interpol... then I almost cried. How could i possibly forget to write a blog about my favorite band in the world!? I dont know. Maybe im eating too much tuna and all the mercury's gone to my brain.

Anyway, Interpol is a indie/rock band from New York. If you're alive, you should listen to them. Im not very good at describing the sound of music (not the movie..) but speaking purely out of opinion, they have the most beautiful lyrics accompanied by the most soothing perfection. I'll bet its the music they play in the monasteries. I can listen to them all day er day! A lot of people I recommend Interpol to say "eh, they're alright." or "they're depressing.." Then I say, "alright...?" *face turns green* I dont care what people say, Interpol is amazing and their music inspires my artwork as well as my sanity.  If you're sad, listen to The New. If you're pumped listen to Say Hello To The Angels or Slow Hands If you're chillin, like a villain, listen to No I in Threesome or my personal favorites NYC and the Specialist. And if you're crazy like I am, listen to the whole album Turn On the Bright Lights it's the best.. in the West.

Another reason to go to Amoeba (like i said before -_-) with the release of their latest album, if you bought any of their musical thingamabobs, (cd, vinyl..) you got a free, i repeat FREE, wristband to see Interpol live.. up close... and personal.. yeah. Go to Amoeba.

The Specialist. Just for you.


  1. Interpol is awesome. I'd probably rate them in my top three. And I agree that "Turn on the Bright Lights" is their best work. It's melancholy in all the right ways. As for their sound, it is a throwback to the early eighties post-punk movement, especially the work of Joy Division.

  2. I have always heard good things about Interpol, and this just makes me want to listen to them even more. I have heard a few of their songs before, and liked them, so I will definitely go and download those songs you recommended right now. As for Amoeba records you also made me want to go their even more now, since I have been meaning to go for a while, but haven't gotten a chance. Also you have inspired me to once again try and expand my musical interests, so thank you.