Sunday, September 26, 2010

City of The Living Dead Review

City of The Living Dead;1980 

Horror is among my favorite genre of films to watch, however, it seems as though lately, horror has lost it's magic and new horror films consist of the same old same old unoriginal storyline. I have lately retorted to older horror movies which bring back what horror is all about. Who cares if there's no realistic computer graphics?

Lucio Fulci, director of City of The Living Dead, earned the title "godfather of gore" for his incredibly gory films in the 70's and 80's including A Cat In The Brain, The Beyond, and Zombie.  City of The Living Dead is about the opening of the gates of hell resulting from the suicide of a priest. And what is a classic horror movie without oozing zombies? As expected, this film is very gory and in my opinion has great effects considering that is was filmed in the 80's.

Many people might dislike older films due to their lack of believability, but some films are great just because of that. City of the Living Dead is a must see for any horror fan.

I rate this film 7/10

Friday, September 24, 2010


Hello everyone! My name is Lourdes and my blog will be on movie reviews and entertainment reviews in general. I have never written movie reviews nor do I claim to know much about it, but I have always had a passion for films and meeting people who understood them and were willing to talk about them.

I never really understood films as an art although growing up I watched plenty of them. It was only recently that I found that there is so much more to films than meets the eye, wether you enjoy the screenplay, cinematography, or directing, it all comes together in the end to really move you.

I guess I should start by introducing my likes in order to understand the way I will review some things.
Some of my reviews might seem odd or you just might not agree with me, but everyone has a distinct taste. My taste includes The Royal Tenebaums, Harold and Maude, Il Postino, Fight Club, and The Fall to name a few I could remember. In music, my favorites are Interpol, Billie Holiday, Born Ruffians, the Misfits, and Vampire Weekend.

My main focus in completing these blogs is to learn more about films and music from others and receive pointers and suggestions. Please feel free to critique and question my reviews and I hope you enjoy.