Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Education

Chick flick? Maybe but i made my brothers watch it and they seemed to like it as well. This movie is about a young high school girl in London and her education in the 60's. She is always at the top of her class and her parents, especially her dad, always stress the importance of a college education. She dreams of going to Oxford to read English, sing French music, dance, write, and do what she pleases. That is until she meets a charming older man who understands all her interests and offers her everything she wanted from a college education: a home, traveling to paris, going to classical concerts, fancy dinner, and anything she wants. 

Half way through the movie i was convinced that a college education is a horrible thing that doesn't allow us to express ourselves the way we want and traps our interests, but toward the end, i realized i was completely wrong. Getting married to someone who can offer you these things may be a shortcut to success, but not to eternal happiness. Shit happens and you never know what will happen to you and you cant rely on someone else to get you where you want to be. We are each responsible for our lives and with that, i think comes the responsibility of getting an education to be what we want to be in life. 

Anyway, this film is great and Carey Mulligan does a fantastic job!

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