Friday, November 19, 2010

La Vie En Rose

La Vie en Rose is a film about legendary parisian singer Edith Piaf and her life as a singer and her various struggles along the way. She was poorly raised by her mother, causing her father to send her with her grandmother who owned a brothel. It was here she met Titine but was soon taken from her as well and joined the circus with her father. She began singing on the streets for money and was soon discovered by a night club owner and the rest is history. Edith Piaf's story is very tragic yet legendary. Among her best songs are "La Vie En Rose", " La Foule", and "Milord".

Marion Cotillard does a beyond imaginable job at playing Edith, and won an Oscar for her role. For anyone looking for a kick ass movie to watch, this is it.

la Foule

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